Tuesday, June 28, 2011


You are not getting a stoma prolapse. Neither are you experiencing some kind of malfunction of your stoma, or your small intestine trying to escape your body through the hole in your abdominal muscular wall. No-- the stoma you have sometimes bops around like a robin listening to a fat dubstep beat (I have never experienced this much action from my own, but I've heard stories...) or elongates and contracts at its own will.

The peristalsis you are used to never fucking ever seeing inside your body is now (at least a little bit) on the outside. The cute little red button is going to grow and move and morph around like a fucking anime demon trying to find its true form.

Yeah. Kinda like that.
In other words, it's alright, yo. Chillax.  :) 


  1. I seriously kind of love you right now. Here I am, a new ostomate (and a temporary one at that, I've only got this fucker for 12 weeks) and I'm still in the omg my life is overrrrr mindframe, complete with feelings about never having sex with my husband because I'm so disgusting, and I'm trying to buy some clothes that'll make me feel a tiny bit better about myself, and I'm only finding huge granny panties, and here you are all "fuck this shit", and once again I kind of love you.