Thursday, June 16, 2011

8 Days Post-Op

Right away after surgery I woke and within the hour, was roaming the halls sans IV unassisted. That evening, I changed into my own clothing, because hospital robes suck le balls. My surprise on waking was that it was a LOOP ileo, not an END like I had been lead to believe, that the surgeon insists was just miscommunication, even though my mother had been in the room while he was talking to us and took specific notes about what he said. She had been a surgeon's dictator at one point in her career, and she's pretty quick with her pen. Anyway, after that upset had cleared, I was none too happy to be told I'd need two additional operations. One to make the Loop and End Ileo, and another for total colectomy.
Fucking yay.
I had no pain at all, until I started eating mashed potatoes. then as the Ileo was churning away, very very slowly I might add, the pain began. But it really isn't more pain than gas pains, honestly. they gave me Vicodin to take home, but that doesn't help considering the pain goes away once the stoma churns out the crap.
They let me out on the third day, and everyone who has an Ileo, even my ostomy nurse, has told me it would be super fast high volume. Nope. Not for me. 8 days post-op, the swelling is going away, stoma's still bleeding occasionally, but my small intestine is not bringing this crap through in the allotted amount of time. I fear I now have slow transit with this ileo, not good news since I had transit for small intestine tested and they said it was fast-to-normal.


  1. I'm on day 3 and my bag is filling up like CRAZY!

    I hear you on the hospital robes though-- so glad I had my own. Cause I'm allergic to the hospital's soap. We're talking hives EVERYWHERE! Even my hands, just from touching the sheets. And the amount of heparin I'm on-- oh my goodness, the bruising. Everywhere I scratched is PURPLE! I am ugly! Took a full 24 hours to figure this out and get me washed down and into my own clothes and sheets. Ugh.

    I'm moving all the time too though-- my back hurts too much to stay still. No Vicodin for me-- made me feel crazy-- just tylonol and 1/2 dose oxycodon.

  2. yeah, the tylanol/ oxycodon def works when the pain is too much to bear. I hope you wont ever have a horrible enough time to have to take those again :(

    <3 tinylittlelifeform

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