Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Bag-Hiding Fashion for the Femininely Inclined

So maybe my skirts aren't really your style. They weren't mine before, but I've come to really like them. But there are times when I'm pretty fucking sick of them, so here's another option. I used to dress more like, let's see, this:  
This is some sushi and fried cream-cheese wontons I made for my boyfriend/now-husband Mr B back when I could actually eat the things I made. I favoured sleeker clothing because I'm young and people have a limited amount of years they can wear crap like this before their body decides it's going to take a nap. 

I don't always wanna wear a cupcake skirt. I don't really appreciate giving across the impression that I think I'm just such a cute little girl ooo look at me. I guess with my surly attitude, nobody really gets that impression from me, but I'm afraid sometimes that they might, or maybe I'm just paranoid about it. 
So are you sick of not being able to wear your old clothing? Me too. Fuck everything--I'm wearing what I want and I'm modifying it to suit my baggery needs.

The spatters on the mirror are, per usual, entirely my fault. I lean really close to the mirror to do my flossing and this is the result. I should have cleaned it before I took photos, but I'm running out of battery and had to snap them really fast.
I took a stretchy-silky material T-shirt and cut it under the bust to use as my "skirt". Of course that was too large around my hips and bum, so I gathered all the excess material to one side and pinned it down. It creates gathers which are a great illusion to hide your bag. (Since this is pictured in the mirror, my bag is on the opposite side of the pin.)

Here I didn't want to be all gross, but I wanted to show you that you still look normal sitting down, too. That it's not all hugely bumpy and obvious, thanks to the clever little gathers.