Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ileostomy--What to Eat After Surgery

I really wish someone had published a list and tips like this before I had surgery. It would have made life a whole fuck-lot easier. But here's my advice:
*Mashed potatoes. For REAL. Whip that shit with butter for both calories and to keep it a really airy consistency.
*Invest in a baby-food grinder. It sucks, but it's a reality you have to deal with. Shit you eat is going to have to be that kind of consistency, on top of drinking a lot of milk or fluids with the food anyway.
*Gravy is okay
*Processed cheese, like in a jar
*Oscar Myer Hotdogs (ground up of course)
*soups of any kind as long as it doesn't have chunks in it, and if it does, grind that shit
*I browned some hamburger, then ground it up and put it in a jar in the fridge. I advise others to do the same with both meats and soups, and pre-boiled veggies.
*Cream of anything in a jaw. Except watch out for cream of mushroom, pick out those stupid mushroom bits.
*ICE CREAM---yeaaaahhhhhh!
*Braunswieger liver pate-crap. Never thought I'd get sick of this, but I so totally am.
*sour cream
*butter/ margarine/ any kind of condiment that's not chunky like salsa
*any juice
*juice slurry blends
*scrambled eggs

Complain if you want, say "I wont do that--no way!" or "Well, my doctor never told me about that, so it must not be true." Go ahead. That just leads me to my next post: Blockages.

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