Monday, June 27, 2011

Skin Erosion & Rashes

Jesus Christ. They just don't prepare you for this shit. One of the probs with having a loop ileo instead of an end is that the loop is a fat stupid motherfucker that creates a figure 8 that you can't cut wafers and such to fit exactly, so guess what? Your skin around it gets burned by the acids from your output. And my fucking surgeon had the gall to say "Meh--we'll just keep it a loop. Looks fine to me. Dar Dar Dar." Stupid son of a bitch.
I've had problems with stitches. Those supposedly dissolveable stitches never ever dissolve with me. I've always had to yank them out with a tweezers. Weeeeeee! When I had my large intestine resection (the big scar going down from my umbilicus) the stitches for that were crazy infected. I had to yank them shits out and it was like someone was disemboweling me---No, I REALLY felt that when the nurse was pulling out the drains. THAT was disembowelment. So my stitches around the stoma are red and puffy and the skin around that is rashy from the stupid adhesive.

Sorry for the gross largeness, but I thought it might help some hos out there who wonder wtf I'm talking about, or want to compare their infections with me. The white around the stoma, that shiny shit?--that's Desitin, a diaper rash cream that's actually hella useful for this type of thing, but also why you can't really see how bad the infection is, as the cream is covering it :/

My suggestion for helping skin erosion and aiding in healing rashes is this. On the weekend, stay the fuck inside. Take your bag the fuck off. Walk around with toilet paper around your stoma, secured with tape if need be, but I'm not a high out-putter and my output isn't liquidy, so I don't have too much probs with this. My reasoning for this is the rash and the infection needs to breaaaathe. The skin is sick of being imprisoned under strips of wax and adhesives and it yearns for the cool kiss of a summer brease upon its malformed infected face. Also, I wipe Destin on my eroding skin and use Aloe vera gelly on the rashy part, but Bacitracin Zinc Ointment USP is always a good choice. this isn't just me advising this. I've dug around through ostomy forums for this info, and this works.

As I still don't have too many bags to be using recklessly, I've only gone de-bagged twice, but I think I'm starting to see the difference in the overall healing and happiness levels of my epidermis.


  1. hi ive got a temporary ileostomy hopefully going to be reversed in April ive had sore stitches from day one,my stoma nurse said "who the hell stitched this up" i now have a crevasse half way round my sunken stoma which is taking for ever to heal the crevasse fills up with waste and burns like *****ck,ive tried filling it with stoma paste but thats like pouring battery acid on it.Im fed up of leaks that happen anytime when i dont want it to!Im getting dehydrated all the time and really tired and fed up of no appetite for the stuff i CAN eat and craving stuff i cant eat!

  2. If you use stoma powder, it helps. But it burns like hell. I started using it 2 weeks ago and now the rash/irritation is gone.

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