Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hernias are super common

When an ileostomy is created, there essentially create a hernia for the bud of the small intestine. A hernia is a separation of the muscle tissue, where guts ooze out from and form a lump. I have said lump around my rosebud.

I went and drank the dye they gave me and had a CAT scan, bud I don't think the dye had digested far enoguh along to show the hernia, because they said 'OH hey--you don't have a hernia" and I'm all like "then what is this huge lump formed around my ileostomy site!?" Ugh

If I had a camera, I would take picture, but it died last year and I have no money for cigarettes, much less a new phone or camera (my phone is also ancient and wont take pictures, voicemail, or let me get on the internet. Yes, I live in the stone ages now.)

Stoma hernias can be caused by being overweight, coughing a lot (I had pneumonia again this year) lifting heavy shit, or infection from the get-go of receiving an ileostomy. I have trouble fitting the wafer over my hernia and ileostomy, causing the wafer to crack a lot and out seeps liquid feces--thank you so very much, body. Come on, can't you just make it work?

I was hoping to at least get a hernia belt or some form of elastic fabric to hold it in, but no.

Here is a link of some products that are supposed to help with this... that i may just try!