Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clothing & your Ostomy

For wearing clothes, I know it will get easier as swelling goes down, but already nobody can tell I have my bag on and I'm little more than a week out.

So I've been sewing both my wedding dresses, one a 1950s-style dress of antique lace, and a court-house dress of white lace and cotton, for when we hop on down and have it officiated. As I'm Buddhist (yeah I know, a good Buddhist shouldn't be swearing and crass and be all punching-with-fists but it's my nature) and Mr B is Agnostic, we aren't having the traditional wedding experience. We're getting it made official with paperwork at the courthouse, then later in the month, in the early fall, we'll be having a little back-yard ceremony for our like, two friends or something. All our pals are in different countries, and so the few peeps there will be family mostly. Bleh.
Anyway, so I tried on my courthouse dress that I've been pinning and sewing yesterday, and snapped a few photos.

BAM. Look at that sexy Ostomate girl! Ileostomies ain't no thang. This is an awkward position because I'm uber fairy-short and wanted to show in das foto the bottom edging of the dress to Mr B.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to use the blue ribbon or not.

But anyway, that's just an example that you can still look like yourself after an ostomy. I wear skirts anyway, my style is mostly Onee-Gyaru with a touch of Victorian Lolita, but I've found wearing even my yoga pants or leggings have worked fine with this too. Either you tuck the end of the bag down one leg, or you flip the waistband of the leggings down under your ostomies and wafer, let the bag hang over the waistband, and wear the skirt-holder pocket-thing in the previous post to hold it up.


  1. Hey there. How have you been doing since you had your loop installed? Is your transit still bad, or was that just briefly post op?? I may be getting an ileostomy as well :(

    One thing, do you lift weights or exercise and does the ileo make it harder

  2. Hey John. My surgery was June 8, and now it's the 20th. I still have to eat really smooshed-up mashed-potato-like foods, and my transit is still wacky, but having an Ileo is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Even with the pain and skin erosion :/ This is like, giving you a new life, and it's still early for me, I'm sure things will start regulating themselves and getting better.
    I DO exercise, but I have to wait to really start doing abs again until at least 5 or 6 weeks have passed, as that can cause a hernia. Same goes for heavy lifting, although i was up and roaming the hospital ward an hour after surgery. Walking really helps you recover & feel human again. After I've completly healed, any exercise will be completely fine, depending on what type of appliance you wear--like with a two piece bag, that kind of leaks alot more and breaks and shit, but with a one piece, I've been doing yoga contortions & it's fine.

    <3 Tinylittlelifeform <3

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