Monday, December 5, 2011

More Ileostomy Fashion

I thought I would start this out with a disclaimer. Those who looooove wearing pants or are not willing to change their fashion after an ileostomy will not find this page helpful at all. This will work for those who veer toward rockabilly, like the 1950's fashion, follow Japanese fashion lolita (which in this case just means young girl), or who just like frilly skirts.

((I don't intend to be superficial, I just hope that posting pictures of clothing options can give young girls or women encountering an ileostomy surgery--and worried about how their bodies will be afterward--can gather some hope and even maybe... be a little reasurred.
I was worried. Damn straight I was. I did all the reasearch you could ever find, and some Med-scape things most people even can't! I looked at personal stories, and scoured blogs, but I could never find specific information about the actual changes that happen to your body, or what you might feel like, or your emotions regarding it, or the struggles, or, lastly, clothing. You can't always just wear big baggy sweatshirts or a muu-muu.
Fuck that. We are fabulous women. and nowhere in dating essentials do men list "girl must shit from her anus". Where we eliminate our waste has NOTHING  to do with our fabulosity.
It's just a bag, and this is one way to deal with it.

Clothing options, yo:
Professional-ish shit (ignore gross splattered mirror):

The white shirts I got at Target, same with the two skirts, and the white and black shirt I hand-made. Professional and everyday really do blend together in most work places, so on I go.

Every Day


These all right here, the really professional pics with the accessories? They all come from a great store I found on ebay called bombshellvintage. But really, if you look up skirts and 1950's dresses or vintage or rockabilly or lolita dresses on ebay, you are bound to find a trillion awesome clothes.

Here's some vintage.
   Like that little caption says in the white dress with the pink ribbon here, Posh Girl Vintage  is a really great place for beautiful overpriced vintage dresses that get snapped up really quick by wealthy women who sit at home on the Internet all day. But looking at them give me great sewing ideas...

Here are some examples of classic lolita dresses:

I think those girls are wearing shit from Jesus Diamante    
And here's one more pic of awesome:

Bein Sexay
I've had a few examples of this, but here's another one.

(Holding out my bag within its bag-holder)

I always hate that top part of the bag that sunrises over the actual stoma itself. I find it mostly useless and it irritates my skin, so I fold it down and tape it down, and thusly stuff it into the bag holder. Weeeeeeeee!

Now before I got my ileo,  I rarely wore skirts. I always wore those jeggings things, those leggings that are kinda jeans... you know? Whatever. So anyway, I wore them and tight pants and things, but after my ileo, I was like, Ok I can't wear the same clothes again, so what looks good on my body? I took assessment of myself, and tried to find another avenue for my fashion tastes that I could wear with my ostomy bag. Don't sit and fret about what you can't change. The ileostomy is there. You are lucky to have it, as it likely saved your life. So get up and move on. Looks are important, no doubt, hey. It's just how the world works. But lucky for us girls, we can wear skirts as it's sadly still more socially acceptable for us to than guys. And fuck that! we can look DAMN sexy doing it too.


  1. Hey, I just saw your blog and I'm impressed. I'm 22 years old girl from Poland, and I'm going to have j-pouch operation 11 December these year. I really afraid that somethimg can go bad and I will have permanent illeostomy. As you probably know, have illeostomy bag and feel well in these situation is hard. But now I see, that there is 'hope' for young girls, who would like looks fashionably. Thanks for your passion, and I wish you the best of luck in your life.
    P.S. sorry for my english if something is wrong ;)

  2. Aww... thank you so much for your comment! The J-pouch is a hard surgery to recover from. Ileostomy, permanent or temporary, is always the easiest to get back on your feet from afterward. It can be a bother sometimes, but it really frees up your life like never before, and isn't painful at all, and you only take ten minutes out of your day to change your bag to a new one!
    If you DO have to get an ileostomy, it is no sweat! Son't worry about it. And keep me updated, if you wish...
    <3 <3

  3. Fixing to have to have this....I am so grateful to have stumbled onto you.

  4. Thank you a bunch! I hope your operation goes well, and I hope some of my "fashion" psots give you hope!

  5. Hey, my name is Karen , I love your fashions , but I'm a big girl around 18 or 20 I was wondering can you design or know someone who maybe can model your designs , but in a larger size . I had cancer in 1999 , so I have a colostmy and a ileosotmy. Ca you help me out ? Thanks

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