Thursday, December 29, 2011

Care for a Flush or Retracted Stoma

Forgive me here, as I don't know much personally about it, so this page will be riddled with references and links. I know this affects plenty, so here we go.

A "flush" stoma sits skin-level or even retracts. Not only is it super hard to take care of and/or fit for appliances, but the leakage around it from improper fitting and frequent pouch changes can end up being frustrating, painful and expensive.

Prolapsed ostomy= red elephant trunk
 I don't necessarily LOVE having an ostomy that is roughly two inches long, but like a flaccid dick, it just kind of hangs down in a little curve like a sad rainbow and isn't that noticeable. In any case, it is much easier to pour from an actual spout than it would be to pour from a hole carved into your gut. Much easier to clean, too. (At least it's not prolapsed, like this horror-story here--->)

If you have a flush or retracted stoma, it's hard to maintain a proper seal. That's where convex products come in.

If you are looking through an ostomy catalogue, you'll come across shallow, medium and deep convex stuff, depending on if your stoma is situated in folds, you have leakage, or the damn thing's super retracted into your body like a red belly-button.
The list of products available are pretty straight-forward on same as above link, but if you're too lazy and hate pop-up windows, here's the copy-paste:
    Convex inserts:  Inserts can be applied to a two-piece system by snapping an insert into the ring of the flange. The outer diameter must match the flange size. This can be cost effective as this insert can be cleaned and reused.
    Pouches Designed with Convexity:  These are available in both one and two-piece systems. They can be shallow, medium, or deep. They come as either precut, cut or cut to fit.
    Addition of Skin Barrier Gaskets:  These are used around the stoma and can be cut or purchased precut. One layer or several layers can be used.
    Eakins Wafer / Colorplast Strip Paste:  These are products that can be pressed into shape around the stoma to protect the seal. 
    Use Ostomy paste for “caulking.” Always read and follow manufacturer’s direction for product use.
Product Information:
    Most ostomy companies make pouches with convexity and carry inserts as well as belts. 
    ConvaTec uses a product called “Durahesive,” which has a turtleneck effect around the stoma.
    Hollister has the “Premier” series that does not erode.
    Nu-Hope makes barriers that are oval as well as round and which have deep convexity. Nu-Hope also makes support belts and Hernia belts for urostomies.
Here's some tips on how to treat de-nuded (ie rubbed the fuck raw) skin around flush stomas, but the info here I've seen proves pretty useful for any ostomate experiencing a rash or that raw open-sore like place around your stoma. I use 3 M No-Sting Barrier Film every day. Shit's awesome. 


  1. Wow. A patient reported your blog to me and tried the marshmellow trick! It’s worked for him and very excited to be able to do a change and not have output. Thank you for taking the time to write your experiences for Stoma.

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