Sunday, December 25, 2011

Calendar or Collection of Short Stories for ileostomates!!!!

There is this awesome guy named Chris, and he's doing a project that might either be for a calendar of ostomates displaying their bag in sexy, funny or elegant poses, or a grouping of short life-stories about our experiences. He needs more people on board before he can continue, however.

There are waaay too many goddamned bad jokes out there about colostomies and colostomy bags and ileostomies and an overall public agreement about it being disgustingly nasty. Spead shame onto people that can't help it--good. Real good. Hope those assholes are proud of themselves. Hope THEY never have to have one.

He thinks--and I back this 100%--that the time is ripe to raise awareness about diseases and conditions that lead to young adults having to have external bags. He's aiming for an overall message of empowerment, because fucking god-damn. Not everyone can just be born with perfect healthy bodies.
When some kid is struck down with Crohns, or say colon cancer, or Ulcerative Colitis or diverticulitis, imperforate anus, Hirschsprung's disease, Colonic Inertia or slow transit or is in an accident where they must have an Ileostomy, what can we say for them? Where can we point them to, to show that life DOES go on, that isn't really not that bad having an ileostomy, that it can be fun, flirty sexy whatever--that having a stoma and bag is just another part of your body no more than having a birthmark? No where... NO WHERE on any dating site, on any friendship query to mark off does it say one MUST SHIT FROM ASSHOLE to be acceptable. I don't think so. But not every ostomate has that kind of confidence, either. We need this. Ostomates need this. Our kids need to see this. Our friends and our grandparents and our teachers and our lovers need to see this. We NEED to be a part of this--if anything is ever going to change, a group of people need to decide they don't like the way things are going, and not just sit back and wait for others to do something about it.

He is looking for regular people, but young people especially, since too many of our young are told to shut up and shy away into hiding with their little bags.

If you have an ileostomy, please contact him.

Please think of the children.


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