Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Worse than Skin Erosion

I was in the hospital for five days after the surgery to make my loop ileostomy a permanent ileo and with total colectomy, two of which I spent vomiting my head off at the slightest movement of my eyes with the wonderful drugs I was on.  More than a week later, and I still have yet to be able to eat more than a spoonful of mashed potatoes and actually be able to digest it... My slow transit just became that much slower :(

The worst, besides the immediate pain I had, which by now has mostly gone away, is the weird skin problems I was left with afterwards. I have had skin erosion before, but this....?
I don't even know what this is. I can't even.

Fills you with sunshine, doesn't it? While I was under in surgery, some dim-bulb cunt nurse put my bag on sideways, resulting in leakage of bile fluids into my new stitches, resulting in this monstrosity you see before you.  I need to get to an ostomy nurse or back to my surgeon, but he's Swedish, and he's gone to some foreign Dr's conference for a while, and anyway, according to his offices, he's booked out for months. So great. How do I make this crazy shit heal now? Ugh. Fuck my life.

I'm trying to get into a local ostomy nurse to see what her recommendations are, but I need my primary to give the order for me even to see her, so I have to call his offices tomorrow, and hopefully get him to do it without make an appointment to see me as well, thus drawing all this shit out mooooaaarrrr. GRRRRR.

One kinda good thing is that he cut along my old huge scar, but I'm pissed he needed to open me up that far and wide anyway, as he anticipated it would just be laprascopic. Now the area around my old scar is entirely numb, except for a shooting pain across my belt line. Sometimes I get stabbing pains throughout my pelvic region that cripple me, but I'm still glad the colon is out, although he left a bit (how much has yet to be determined) to support my vagina and other organs so they don't all collapse into a pelvic prolapse and shit. 

UHG. Not feeln' this shit right now. Really not feeln it. :(


  1. Sorry to hear about all this. SO would you say you are worse off then before surgery, or would you say you feel a lot better??

  2. Hi! So glad you're well enough to have been discharged & are home but terribly sorry to hear of this crazy post-op complication (which of course should never have happened).

    (It would be almost unbelievable if it hadn't happened to you - and I so wish it hadn't! - that a Nurse meant to be somewhat specialized in colorectal & stoma procedures, one would imagine if she was present in the operating theatre, didn't place the bag on properly! WHAT THE #**#?! My God, this has given me such a heightened appreciation for our Medicare Public Hospital system that we're so fortunate to have here in Australia, as myself and my fellow ostomates are blessed with automatic direct access and the best of expert care & assistance from our beautiful Stoma Therapy Nurses.)

    I wish I could whisk you over here by magic and take you to see my wonderful Stoma Nurses. Do hope & pray that this extremely sore looking situation around your stoma will be sorted out for you quick smart, and am also very hopeful that the other painful symptoms you're experiencing will settle & disappear as you continue to heal post-op.

    (My own stoma reversal has been booked for the 2/11/2011, providing the preceding Barium Enema shows that all is healed & good to go. So much happening - my gorgeous Man has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor) :'(

    Sending much <3 & xox your way, as always ...

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    2. Just saying post surg the bag Was put on properly... They do it side ways so it can be drained while you lie down. So she's done her job properly. A leak at the site means the bag just didn't adhere well or maybe the bile was such that it degraded the seal which happens.

  3. OMG Pythonette--I know! United States "health care" is a joke. All the doctors are stressed out and overworked, the nurses tired beyond belief, and patients are seen like an assembly line, no one even puts a face to you, just a number :(
    My health insurence runs out in a few months, so i hope I can get everything settled by then. I'm moving to Vancouver, BC, Canada in December--or thereabouts---and i can't tell you how thankful I am to be getting out of this scary sinking ship country!! Arghh!

    I will be praying for you for your stoma reversal, that all goes well and that patient and kind hands are working on you. I'm just so sad to hear about your man--OH NOOO! This brings a tear to my eye! I hope so sooo much that it's benign and there's nothing too frightful occuring.

    my thoughts and my love <3

  4. Thanks a million for your oh so valuable prayers & well-wishes for both my lovely Man (his op will be tomorrow morn) & myself, especially during this time of recovery for yourself as well! Means so very much.

    And we can't WAIT to hear of a much improved situation for yourself in upcoming posts! Let it be so... <3 xox

  5. Did you ever figure out what that was technically called? What did they suggest you do?