Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Worse Than Skin Erosion (part 2)

After a lot of hassle, I finally got to see a wound/Ostomy nurse in a nearby town. She took a look at the disgustingness, but just kind of shrugged and said she wouldn't be too worried about it.

After I cleaned my ostomy and the area around it, I put on my ostomy powder------>

Then I ripped open a package of Cavilon No-Sting barrier film and padded that on, as the little sponge within has liquid on it that turns into a film after 30 seconds------------>

The nurse gave me a small square package that had what looked to be a rectangle of wispy cloth within.

 She proceeded to cut a corner from it, laying this "cloth" over my wound. This cloth-thing is Clacium alginate, which Wikipedia defines as "a water-insoluble, gelatinous, cream coloured substance that can be created through the addition of aqueous calcium chloride to aqueous sodium alginate"

I warmed up and stretched out a piece of wax/ strip paste ( I don't know why they call it paste--it's like soft wax) and placed it around the base of my stoma, covering the stitches still bristling out from my skin. The powder helps keep the area dry, then I brush away the extra that fell on my skin, and the barrier film helps keep the area protected and covered.  The tiny pad of Calcium cloth thing help to protect the open area further, and the wax strip stretched down and molded over it helps really protect it all. Then After I've cut my wafer to size, I fit it on over my stoma and press the sticky-ness down so the bag stays secure.

    I have to call her at the end of the week to let her know if it's healing, and next Tuesday I see my surgeon again for a checkup. I hope he actually TAKES A LOOK at the ostomy he made. Ugh. I am always very nice and respectful and listening when at a Doctors appointment, but I'm firm about insisting medical help if I think I need it, and I don't give a shit about acting shy describing something. I speak bluntly, I don't beat around the bush, because hey. These people are here to provide a service, for you, one that you and your insurance are paying for. They aren't Gods, even if some act like it. They aren't better than you. You aren't supposed to feel stupid in an office with them.
    You don't have to be a bitch about it, but you must clearly educate yourself about your condition and ask questions. Who cares if they are put-off that you're asking them things? I've had many Urologists irked at me because I was more up to date on state of the art treatments then they were, but this is a very small stupid town I'm currently in. But anyway, if they are tiffed, so what? Oh no, you might step on their toes suggesting a medication or insisting on receiving a mammogram? Fuck it. This is your life. What if you didn't mention something and that turned out to be the thing that could have saved you? That could have eased your condition? Maybe you could have caught the cancer sooner, or been able to get off steroids or whatever. You get what I'm saying. Only you can take charge of your health. You need assistancee, and you must demand it from doctors that otherwise may not go that extra mile for you.

Oh look, another rant. Sowwy. This has nothing to do with skin erosion, but too many times I've experienced personally and seen people demeaned by surgeons and shamed by doctors into thinking their condition was "all in their head" or sped along in the office and hushed up with "Here, just take these pills--I don't have time to get to the bottom of your pain." If half of these doctors had the same conditions and/or chronic pain their patients did, NONE of them would act like this. Unempathetic assholes. Please be strong when speaking to the medical community. Be educated, be firm, and stand your ground. You deserve it.

<3 Tinylittlelifeform


  1. Amen little Sister. Excellent & paramount advice hey. I too, unsurprisingly sadly, have had my share of 'experiences' in my past, for 2 & a half decades repeatedly turned away & quickly ushered out the door - either misdiagnosed or un-diagnosed.

    (Last year a fellow 'wardie' (ward mate) kindly shared from his many years of experience & really opened my eyes to also becoming pro-active in standing our ground with our right to refuse meds & treatments that are either going nowhere for us and/or that are even worse with their side effects than our original conditions! That turned out to be a blessing of a conversation & so valuable for me for what lay ahead...)

    Hope things are really improving for you darling! <3

  2. Aww... Thanks a bunch Pythonette! Ihope things start to improve as well. How are things going with you and your lovely man?


  3. Hey there TLLF! We're both doing really well, all things considered, thanks sweetheart. Do hope & pray things have improved for you too!

    My Lovely Man recovered phenomenally well post-op & is blissfully outside gardening as I type! :D Our H U G E, endless thanks for your and all others' prayers - they've quite obviously worked - Cheers! ;)

    (A lung tumor has also been detected :| He's never smoked - I have & my lungs are crystal clear - go figure hey. Encouragingly though his bloods are clear. Just awaiting biopsy results...)

    But ya know, we've learnt so much about the benefits of choosing to work towards regaining & maintaining up-beat attitudes (on which you've wisely & helpfully posted about in Can I Get Married/ Have a Wedding with an Ileostomy? honey), by having witnessed how that undeniably contributed to my own return to wellness (Loop ileostomy reversal good to go ahead next Wed! Say farewell to Cherry Bum!)

    So we're staying optimistic & positive about both our outcomes, whilst still being prepared for whatever may lay ahead - we'll take it as it comes, if it comes, one step at a time... Living in the moment is key don't you think?, and together with keeping spirits high is enabling us to actually enjoy life with heaps of room for fun & laughs, no matter what else may be on the plate.

    I know & am so, so glad that you choose to live this way too ;) Otherwise....Yuk! The other option is way too bleak for my liking hey.

    Can't wait to hear about how you are faring...
    Prayerful well-wishes & <3 Always to You

  4. OMG--both glad to hear about the good news regarding your Husband's recovery but super sad to hear about a tumor, but alternately happy again to hear that his blood work is clear and that you are going in for your reversal THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!

    I will continue to send loving healing vibes your way--I want so much the best outcomes for the both of you
    <3 Tinylittlelifeform<3

  5. Thanks a mill TLLF - means so much. Yeah, sadly there's malignancy there & we'll know tomorrow about therapies & their duration. As said above, we're still choosing to stay up-beat & positive, & are still managing to do enjoyable things...

    <3 xox <3

  6. Good luck today finding out about the options for therapy... my gosh, my heart just sinks to know this, but I'm proud of your attitudes to remain positive.

    All my love

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