Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving (to another country) With an Ileostomy--& other rambling crap

Vancouver, BC, Canada

At this moment, I dwell in the cold barren wastelands of Minnesota, where everyone comes to die. I wasn't born here, but I've lived out the majority of my sad futile existence in this Dante's last-level of inferno ice graveyard.
If my health can pan out evenly in the next handful of weeks/month before we are scheduled to move, I will be joining Mr B on our flight to Canada, where we will live for at least two years, and then hopefully hope the pond elsewhere, world climate depending, eh?


 Although their is universal healthcare in Canada--unlike in the USA--they have a shortage of actual General Practitioners and it is hard to find a primary doctor, as my permanent resident sister can attest to. As you need a Dr to prescribe your bags and meds etc, I am WORRIED, yall. TOTES WORRIED.

But there is:
Ostomy Care and Supply Centre
2004 8th Ave
New Westminster, Canada
I have had a couple different correspondences with them for my impending move. Mostly I was worried about receiving the products I use.
For British Columbia, Vancouver specific, Pharmacare is their provincial system, but as I'm not a resident, I have to physically call them on the phone or some shit when I'm actually there. UBC is the Grad School where Mr B my husband is going, and I've been told they should also be able to "hook me up" with a plan.
And apparently, this is from where I can order the supplies:
We are moving into a carriage house, which is located on the lawn of a wealthy lady's home. It comes furnished, so we won't be able to decorate it or do anything we want with it, as we'll only be living there a few months before we go on to another place. But if I had a choice, this is how I 'd want my room to be:

See? It makes great use by converting the closet into a place to put a single bed, and it's totally cute! Kawaii! 
Vancouver is super beautiful. Not the city.. i mean, that's nice and all, really clean and significantly more slick and quiet than anything I've seen before, Certainly not like dirty Minneapolis, but the Mediterranean rain forests are my favourite. Also, the Science centre, it's pretty neat.
Recently, I had to paint the skyline and shit for my sister, for a fundraiser she was doing at the Children's Hospital in BC.

I was trying to make it vaguely Mucha-esque, but whatevs. And forgive the coloured smudge in the right hand corner. I had to smear out my real name, because I've had waaaaaayyyyy too many crazies say weird ass creepy shit to me, and I don't exactly want them looking me up on Facebook :/
I had to paint it in an absolute rush, as my lovely sister told me LAST MINUTE to do so with no heads-up whatsoever :(  So it turned out awkward and looking like crap, but at least the face is nice.


Anywhoo, so that's Vancouver. Kinda. I shall post more pics of course once I get there, which I'm desperately hoping I can, as my health problems extend far beyond just an ileostomy :( :(

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