Monday, August 20, 2012

Tips and something else about bladder/urethral infections

Tip numero uno: pee before you empty your bag, alright? Seriously, dudes. Don't touch anywhere around your urethra--guys and gals both--if you just emptied and swabbed out the spout of your bag.
Feces residue--even if you can't see it--of ANY kind on your fingers when you touch your pee-place=BAD, INFECTION, UTI.

This can happen during sexual intercourse, if an object (penis probably) falls out of vag and crams back into anus or perineum briefly, or from nylon underpants, or something that slides back and forth on your perineum from anus to Venus--uhm, vagina. For girls especially, this can happen super easily, unforch. Trust.

And all that ranting I've done about injections to my spine and trying to find meds for my hurting urethra? Well I hate to be a proprietor of antibiotics, but macrobid, taken infrequently, but when I'm beginning to have pain there, has actually been the only thing to save me. The recurrent infections have ONLY been killed by this antibiotic, I hate to say. I really really hate to say. I have tried D-mannose

(a really helpful thing everyone should probably take in their water or juice every day), and I have tried Peridium, and Detrol LA, neurontin/gabbapentin, and all those spinal injections, and where has that gotten me? Shit nowhere. But painful sex, pain after urination, all that crap is nearly (knock on wooden head) gone because of the rare times I just pop a Macrobid. I guess many women have to take an antibiotic before or after sex in order to prevent having a urethral infection, if they have gotten UTI's in the past. This has literally been a lifesaver for me. I was always soaking in a sitz bath, crying from the pain until late at night, like 5 am, when I finally just fell asleep there. This was unbearable. Sometimes, this is still my reality. But it is SO MUCH LESS with an easy little prescription.

I'm having health probs in other regards, but seriously yo, heed this advice.  I hope those women suffering pain in their urethra, constant, for years, will be able to find this.

I am by no means pushing antibiotics on anyone. It breaks down your own immune-system's ability to handle stuff. But for urethral pain--don't FUCK AROUND.


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