Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So I am planning on doing a video, directed by my husband, showing the entire process of changing a bag--from cutting around the edges to size it right, and cutting the wafer to fit my ostomy bud, and all the powders and wax shit that goes along.

It will be gross. You will see liquid feces. You will see exactly how this whole ileostomy life works. And it will be the only REAL video showing this crap to those who are desperately trying to find answers to those questions that swim through their scared and panicked mind when the doctor says to some youth they need to have an ileostomy. Oh My God! Will my life end? How will this work? Everyone will know I have a bag! Everyone will smell it! I wont be able to wear anything pretty anymore! I will be an outcast! Everyone will think I'm gross! FUUUUUUUUU------

So that's why. I might be ashamed. Maybe I should be. But this will be for all those people who feel so horrible and just want answers. Maybe... maybe I can supply them.

What do you think? Bad idea? Good idea?


  1. I think it's a great idea. Many people outhere does'nt always know how it is to change an ileostomy. (I have it myself).

  2. I think it's a great idea, upfront honesty about medical things like this is so rare.

  3. you r super girl! definitely should do it! =)

  4. Do it. I posted pics of putting on a bag last fall. still all cut open and the whole bit!

  5. I don't know if you still update this blog but I would like to know if you made the video. I just got married and I would like to know what my husband went through a few years back when he had a bag. He refuses to tell me much about it. just that it was gross and he'd never want to go through it again

  6. You really are fantastic and an inspiration to others with an Ileostomy. I've had one for nearly 20 years and have gone through every experience you have outlined but have never thought to document it.
    You also look fantastic in your corset. x