Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Honestly, this month, and going into this month, the only things I'd have to say are un-ileostomy related, although still health shit.

GP not only stands for your General Practitioner, but Gastro Parisis. It happens sometimes after your abdomen has been fucked enough by too many surgeries that your stomach says "Fuck it. Fuck you--I'm done" and it stops emptying or digesting like it should. I could "eat" nothing all day and never have the feeling of hunger. It means basically that you digest so slow from your stomach that you never feel any hunger at all, and that when you try to fill your stomach even with food, it makes you vomit.
All the time.
I didn't want to put off anyone from having an ileo, so I have not talked about this here, but recently, this is what I have been suffering. Not as bad as some, not as good as others.

You see, this is a very rare side effect of having an abdominal surgury, that because I have had so many many surgeries for my abdomen, whether it be for ovary, uterus, or intestinal complications--I have just had so may that my stomach has shut down. That and also who knows what is naturally set in course from when I was a young child.
Most people that go in for an ileostomy will NOT have GP as a complication. They wont. Fucking trust me or don't--they wont. I do NOT have the typical symptoms of anything (lucky me :/) and these things that I have been having now have little to do with an ileostomy--that's why I've been so wary to post. I dont ever want to give the wrong impression that having an ileostomy is ever a burden or a trial or anything--whatever that it takes adjustment to--BIG DEAL. Put on your big kid pants and get the fuck over it. You have a bag--
NO. ONE. CARES. Trust me-- you notice yourself more than anyone else does. That's not important. What I was giddly excited over with having an ileostomy is that I would actually be able to EAT again. But because of my stomache, I haven't been able to. I live off Ensure.
At this point now I am very ill, and no, the corset shop hasn't even gotten back to me because they are so busy, and I just feel like crap. We are going through a cross-country/over the boarder move with our earthly possessions and not sure how that will work, and other difficulties while trying to find me health care in Canada, which isn't all it's cracked up to be, as we're been here for five months and still have never gotten our "Care cards" (insurance cards) after we arrived for Mr B's grad schooling.

So, like I said, this is not much about ostomy care although I can REALLY say a lot of negative things about ileostomy options in Canada. And I probably will, when I have more energy.

Until now. Stay the FUCK out of Canada, and thank whatever god you have for your life.


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