Saturday, January 21, 2012

Black output from ileo bag

Red Wine.
I hate it, but my sister loves it. Now that I live near her, she insists I see her occasionally, and she also insists on giving me red wine for the occasion. Let me just preference this by saying red wine is disgusting as shit. I have drunken 151 and other shit that will set your hair on fire if you are near a microwave because it simply gets the job done. Red wine is just a waste of stomach space and doesn't do shit other than make your ileostomy output black.
I have discovered this after two closely monitored red-wine drinking attempts.
As bile is green, and red wine is, you guessed it, red, the combination colour is black.
Colour wheel as visual:
Red across from green. Black, motherfuckers.

Or, if that isn't gross enough for you, and of course it isn't, here's something you can relate to:

I pulled my bag-holder aside to show the blackness. Fucking gross, yeah, but this is what it looks like and don't be alarmed that you're dying.


  1. You still use clear bags? I don't wanna see that stuff any more than I have to-- opaque for me!

    And you're back! I was starting to wonder what happened to you!

    I'll tell you what does nasty stuff to bag contents though-- chemo. Blarg. Makes me gassy too. Not sure why, but this poor thing is always exploding! (Not literally, but very nearly).

  2. Because of my slow transit, i have to keep watch on what comes through and when. Pretty much all my doctors have stressed this point, but it was common sence for me anyway. Pretty gross though.
    What does chemo do to your output? I remember when my mom went through it, and radiation, she always had some gruesome story to tell me about her own "output" :/

  3. mostly thins it out a lot, and sometimes makes it smell AWFUL! I have to wear gloves for a few days afterwards since chemo on skin is really bad.