Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long Nails with an Ileostomy??

What nails can you have if you're a girl and you have an ileostomy?
Weeeeelllllll... You can't have ganguru nails.
 I mean, they are super fabulous and all, but highly impractical. All the little doodly-dads would most definitely puncture the bag as you constantly change it or worse and more likely, you'd get poo on the pretties and not be able to clean them off :O

Except for when I know I need to do some guitar/piano/violin recording, I keep my nails long. at least on my right side, which doesn't interfere with guitar or violin. Here's the nails that I had the day I went to the courthouse in my pretty white lace dress and got mah-self legally married!!!

If you so choose, you can also wear these:

not these:

But these are ok too....

Prettiness <3
So in essence, long-sh nails are ok, just not toooooo suppppeerrrr long, or with too much crap glued on them. I always recommend using a fingernail-scrub brush too, and use it quite frequently, yes, even if it scratches off some of my polish. 


  1. Dear Tiny Little Life Form,

    Totally agreed! Your Wedding Day nails were very, very pwerty indeed!

    I've been dying of suspense here - no pressure of course honey if its a private matter and all (I'll totally understand) but if its not too rude & personal a question to ask: which gorgeous dress of the two you were considering did you wear on your 'Big Day'!? Personally I think you looked absolutely gorgeous in both the ones you've shown on your blog. (Any chance at all that you'll be putting up any pics from your beautiful day on your blog?)

    Also, how are the plans for your and your Hubbie's celebrations with loved ones going? As smoothly and relaxed as can be I surely hope!

    Sincerely hope & pray that your health has been behaving well and being EXTRA kind to you of late! And especially more so with all thats happening events wise.

    Sending the bestest of prayers, happy and healthy thoughts and wishes your way. <3 <3

  2. Oh Pythonette--thanks so much for your continues responses--you really are a sweetheart! I actually did my nails in blue with kind of half-assed sparkles, that was for the "legal" one at the courthouse.
    For the courthouse was the shorter dress, but now that is'd getting colder, for the "big cellebration day" ill be wearing a longer one, but ill have that up soon enough as it happens THIS SATURDAY. This should be a really exciting time, and it mostly is, but ive been back and forth to the ER for pain and functioning problems with my ileo... frustrating and scary stuff, and my dwindling fragile health is definately putting a damper on Mr B's excitment as well... of course.
    But bless your heart for your well-wishes to me. Having someone else to share our experiences with certainly doesn't make one feel so alone anymore <3


  3. Oh wow! The short lace dress I LOOOOVED on you and if the photos you've kindly shared here are anything to go by then I absolutely know you looked gorgeous, ethereal and stunning on your making-it-legal Day!
    Am truly sorry to hear of the health challenges you've been experiencing in the midst of it all though honey :'( Not fair! Not fair at all. Bugger! (Snap re. having current added challenges at my end too, including my own Lovely Man being adversely affected also...exactly as you say: "of course")
    I must say you're such a true inspiration whilst forging on with your celebration day plans (YAY!) and keeping up with your great Blog etc, with all that poo poo ca ca going on. But I know what its like - when we've endured stuff health wise for most of our lives, we just keep going on and doing stuff whenever we can hey. Otherwise whats the other choice? (No thanks!) And where would we be and what would we have done and enjoyed?
    How true regarding being able to share! :)
    Must let you know that I've felt so blessed ever since chancing across your blog.
    Thank you BIG TIME for it Darlin'. It was EXACTLY the therapy that I was needing - immediately put a smile on my dial, had such a normalizing affect on me; returned me back to a sense of familiarity and some warm & fuzzies at a time when I was feeling so out of whack and surreal from my post op shock. And yeah, makes one feel instantly connected to a fellow sufferer (as much as we wouldn't wish for anyone else on the planet to have to go through any of this stuff, its still great to connect to someone else who is I know).
    Well, you'll definitely be in my thoughts on Saturday! Weeeeeee! Am and will be praying for you to be feeling as well as can be on the day. Totally enjoy! <3

  4. OMG Pythonette--I totally love you! Thank you so much and I'm sooooo sorry I haven't been on my blog lately, though I am gathering stuff to put on for a post. The night of my wedding reception, my blood sugar plummetted to 16 ( Iguess that's really F-ed up) and I was on the edge of a coma. As the night went on, I started to get really tired and droopy and by the time I finally went to sleep, I dropped off. I was ice cold, hallucinating, it was all a nightmare that really didn't seem real at all.... until I was in the ambulance and they were giving my IV's of something, I started to come back and I realized it wasn't a dream (Husband mom and sister all freaking out of course, quietly though :(
    That's why I've been away but thank you soo soo much for your continuted corespondance! You are awesome!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    PS I'm better now, but still wobbly on my feet and kinda weirdly weak :/


  5. Oh No! Noooo Waaayyyy! Please say it wasn't so!
    Oh Honey. And here was me happily thinking that perhaps you and your lovely Mr B had managed to sneak away for a 'lil mini honeymoon break... My God, I hope that you were at least still able to enjoy & partake in your reception celebrations beforehand? To some extent? Darlin' One!
    Thanks a mill for post scripting and letting me/us know that you're feeling better now. Phew! Do hope that you were treated exceptionally well whilst in hospital (Nurses are pretty much awesome everywhere aren't they - Earth Angels that they are), and that the medics were able to get to the bottom of what caused your 'episode'. I kind of know what its like when we start to phase out like that and we don't really fully comprehend whats taking place (I kept reassuring everyone "Oh, I'm fiiine" as I was getting frantically whooshed off to the SNU!), but its sheer hell for our loved ones!
    Now, I'm going to be a very good and patient girl (haha!) and wait 'til your next post to find out the finer details of what took place, both health wise and celebration wise, so that I don't impose on you to have to go repeating yourself here.
    Sending much love and healing light your way Gorgeous. <3

  6. Ahhh..... back to posting.


  7. Your hubby is a lucky dude. I'd love to have pretty nails like that playing with my member!