Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Clothing Options/ Sex

I think I should do more posts about clothing, as it seems most of my readers are female (?) and searching for hints and hope regarding their ileo and clothes. I hate to say it, but it does totally depend on your type of normal style of dress. THIS post is really more about sex and doesn't *totally* fit in with clothing, but a little bit, just so you're aware.
For sexy times I have done this with my bag-holder-hider thing (this is the bulky purple one before I made my black ostomy-sling in the previous post) --->
I taped it down with medical grade tape, also referred to as surgical tape. Although with my black sling (previous post), I dont need much tape. Hmmm... now that I think about it, I'll do a pic-tutorial about how to make your own sling. It was trial and error with that one, and a lot of fitting it to my body and the angle I like to wear my bags. Totally unrelated, but for sexy time, you can do the things you normally would with your partner. If you feel like your bag's about to slip out, hold it down with your hand. And from my experience, taking it from the back on all fours jostles your bag and shit, but standing up and doing it from behind is fine, although not my cup of tea gin. Missionary works a lot better. You get to lay there, or at an angle, and your bag is pretty secure. Riding on top of him is another option.

I've searched high and low on the internet, and whenever I read ileostomy blogs written by females, they also skirt around the sex subject, or are too shy to just fucking come right out and say this shit. They're always like "Ohhh.... embaressing. E-mail me if you want details". Uhm, not everyone wants to email you, queef. Just give them the information or GTFO.

If you're feeling a little self consious, I recommend the frilly skirt.

 It looks sexy on the street and in the bed. <3


  1. did you ask the nurse to place your stoma lower or did she just pick that spot??

  2. She picked that spot after I twisted around for her amusement (so she could see how my skin/body folds and bends) and because I asked her if she could as I hope to start a family with my new husband, and more to the side is better and easier to deal with if a woman is pregnant. But the real deal comes after the surgeon is inside: he/she will see if there is adequate blood flow to the area, then they will create the stoma opening through the abdominal wall there. With MY nurse, she placed it where she and I agreed, but they sent me home with a pen/special bandaids to cover it if it washed off/faded during bathing. So... in this way, many have cheated and moved their stomas slightly farther down to where they more wanted it. But I CERTAINLY didn't tell you that ;)


  3. Oh wow. The frilly skirts are such a gorgeous and ingenious suggestion. Thanks ever sooooo much for sharing that idea! :)

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