Thursday, October 16, 2014

Un-Related to Ileostomies, but a broken-face part of life


When I was 17 I entered a relationship with a boy that I thought I would marry. Yeah yeah.. young love and all that happy crappy.
It was mostly an entirely unsexual bonding, and the guy was more like a really best friend. Our conversations rocked, but whenever i wasn't physically in front of him, he forgot me. Forgot my birthday numerous times, forgot ot call me, or I'd wait all day for a time we were supposed ot have together, but.. he forot and was playign World of Warcraft with his buddies. :/
Anyway, not bitching, I'm over it, but one of my birthdays, the last I spent with him, we got into a fight, and well, my ratty hair got grabbed by the back of my skull, and my lover face and jaw were delightfully smashed against a cement windowsill. I blacked out there on the kitchen floor, and when I woke, there was blood everywhere and I was crying out "where's my tooth?" 

With my mother's angry urging, he paid the not-insurance-covered coin to replace my tooth with a ceramic cap.
but about 6 years later, when my husband & I returned to MN, it broke off as we were riding in the car to get groceries.

So that's without the crown. My little stub. Aint it just cute?
Now that we're on foodstamps (yay :( ) and dont make no money without no jobs, we were able to cover some of the enormous cost with some deal my husband did because it involved numbers and research and that's HIS bag--I do the stuff that doesn't require math. That's our deal, that's our teamwork. 

So after many times of a temporary cap thing falling off while I'm drinking my morning coffee or sipping Butternut Squash soup, I finally got my 'permanent' crown on once again.
In direct sunlight, it's a bit off-coloured compared to my other teeth, but it'll do, right?

Nice patch of sunlight there right on that fucker.

Unforch for my time as a young 20's -something, that birthday present from my X-boyfriend (Happy birthday! I forgot it was your birthday again--but here's a broken face!) also included a broken jaw.

So there's a bulge on my jaw there where the bone healed all weird... and damn, one day when I have money I'm gonna get it shaved smooth or something.

Yay for depressing update!

Gonna work on some more blog posts related to ileostomies now. Sorry for all that!


My top lip was also busted open, and I have a faint scar there I can cover with some old theatre makeup that's awesomely cake-y, but I can't whistle anymore. That fucking sucks. I used to whistle like, crazy good and that pisses me off more than the broken jaw.


  1. Good to know Your alive .. Your blog really helps me cope.. Thank u , please continue writing about your everyday life , as I can totally relate!!


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